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Q.There is no testing charge included in the price shown on website. How is the testing charge decided?
A.Our Certification division does not conduct the conformity test for Technical conditions compliance approval. For direct applications or for applications without DSPResearch test reports, please attach the required test report, which is conducted either by "registered testing bodies" or "the party concerned or the third party who is able to operate required equipment for conducting the test"

The list of registered testing bodies is available on these websites.
*Japan Voluntary Laboratory Association for Telecommunication Equipment (JVLATE)
*Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment (JATE)

Registered testing bodies are testing laboratories which is officially accredited by MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). We make a discount on certification fee when the test report issued by those testing bodies is attached to the application.

During the process of examination, there may be a case that we ask for submitting the applying equipment and conduct a testing when we cannot judge the compatibility only with application documents.