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Q.It is required to indicate the comment "5GHz is indoor use only" for 5GHz low power data communications system on the wireless equipment. Is it also necessary to put the comment on the manual?
A.There is the following regulation in Article 49 Clause 20-3 (In 2000: Old Ministerial Notice No. 157-1) for 5GHz low power data communications system.
" The comment describing that 5GHz is indoor use only must be indicated on the easily viewable part of wireless equipment."

For that reason, we confirm if there is an indication about 5GHz use on the applied equipment in the process of the examination. But the indication on the manual is not mandatory.

However, in 5GHz related wireless equipment on the market, there is some equipment such as PC cards and Mini-PCI cards which we cannot confirm the indication once they are placed in PCs.

In the category of specified radio equipment, the operation of First-class specified radio equipment does not require the operation license or the station license. It is enacted/established for the purpose of operation, which does not require users for any special knowledge of special radio law.

Ultimately, it is up to the manufacturer's judgment. But there may be a case that certified equipment would be sold to third party PC makers. So we recommend you to explain this regulation to those PC makers and decide what to do about the indication on the manual.