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We are providing certification service based on Telecommunications Business Law and Radio Law.

Applicable equipment

  • All Kinds of Terminal Equipment
  • All Kind of Specified Radio Equipment

Technical Regulations Conformity Test

We provide the conformity testing service for communications equipment based on Telecommunication Business Law and Radio Law.

Applicable equipment

  • All kinds of Terminal Equipment
  • All Kind of Specified Radio Equipment
  • SAR Testing
  • DFS Testing

Business Agent Service for Acquisition of Approvals and Certificates

We provide agent services for acquisition of approvals and certificates regarding communications equipment.

Applicable equipment

  • Extremely Weak Power Equipment
  • Industrial Facilities Emitting Radio Wave
    (RF-ID, Power Carrying Cable Facility, etc.)

Quality Evaluation of Manufacturing Factories

We provide the evaluation service concerning obligation of manufacturing factories, which is required by Telecommunication Business Law and Radio Law.


  • Quality Evaluation Program for RL-9000

System Development for Test Measurements

We provide our test measurement know-how by building easy-to-follow system.


Quality Evaluation for Network Connectivity

We objectively examine the connectivity evaluation in real communication environment and make the report on it. We help to improve the quality if necessary.

Global Mobile Strategic Partners(GMSP)

We will support the development of the complicated next generation mobile equipment as an agency of everybody.




Since its inception in 1986, Sporton International has been focusing on providing customers with professional product testing and certification services. With years of dedication, Sporton International has become a designated testing lab for regulatory bodies such as BSMI, NCC, and TAF and acquired professional certificates including PTCRB, GCF and CTIA.



JATE was established on March 30, 1984, approved by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (at the time), as an independent organization to justly and promptly provide technical standard compliance certifications for terminal equipment to be connected to telecommunication lines. It aims at contributing to the improvement in user's convenience and the development of telecommunication, by providing technical standard compliance certifications for telecommunication terminal equipment; ensuring the unity, safety, and reliability of telecommunications systems; encouraging the development of terminal equipment; and facilitating the smooth installation of terminal equipment.

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