DSP Research, Inc.

Radio Law

This is the Regulation to use radio wave efficiency with impartiality. Authorization are required to use of ”Specific radio equipment“ in advance.

Telecom Business Law

This regulation is for fair Telecommunication business and improvement of the use by citizen.It is applicable to almost all the Terminal Equipment.


We are happy to be your partner as supporting various application or registrations etc.


Please refer here for more information about related regulation.


Japanese Market Measurement/Test
Business Agent Service

We offer our service as the first Registered Private Body in Japan. We support you as the trustable partner.

  • Trade NameDSP Research, Inc.

    Date of Foundation8/7/1995 (starting business : May,1994)

    Address of Headquarters1-4-3 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-City, Hyogo 650-0047 Japan


  • Alliance Relationship APEC-TEL
    Recognized Certification Body of Technical Regulations Conformity -MIC-
    Recognized Approval Body of Telecommunication Business Law -MIC-

  • Capital Fund90 million JPY

  • Services Inspections & testing services for Telecommunication terminal equipment and Radio equipment
    Development of measuring instruments and related software
    Workshop for usage of Telecommunication terminal equipment and Radio equipment
    Certification services for Technical regulations conformity certification based on Radio law
    Certification services for Technical conditions compliance approval based on Telecommunications business law
    General services related to/associated with items listed above