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All radio equipment to be used in Japan is subject to certification under one of two certification systems under Radio Law. These systems are “Technical Standard Conformity Certification” or “Construction Design Certification”.

Technical Standard Conformity

Under this certification system, each individual unit of a product is submitted to be certified. Generally, this certification system is used for very small production lots, where only a few units of equipment exist. An example of this scenario is when a company may be using working samples for a trade show while in Japan.

Application Flow – Technical Standard Conformity Certification

Construction Design Certification

Also, sometimes known as “Type Certification”, Construction Design Certification is more widely used. Most products submitted for certification are typically produced in large quantities for the market. All Radio Equipment that is mass produced is subject to both Quality and Technical Standards for Construction Design certifications.

Application Flow- Construction Design Certification

In principle, it is a mandatory requirement to obtain a license for any radio station established or being used in Japan.

Qualification and the issuance of a license for a radio station is required to prevent radio interference or jamming and ensure the efficiency of radio usage. The expectation to have every operator of a radio station carry such license would be inconvenient and unrealistic. Therefore, these “Specific Radio Equipment” are exempted from such license requirement. This exemption is granted under the condition that such equipment has met the requirements of Technical Regulation Conformity Certification under the Radio Law as indicated by bearing the “Technical Conformity Mark”.

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*1   Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website

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