Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

[Note] *Please note that this document is an unofficial translation and was prepared for reference purpose only. The original release is in Japanese.

To protect customers’ information assets in all businesses from various threats such as cyber-attacks, fulfill our social mission, and always gain social trust, we will perform the following measures for information security based on changes in laws, social conditions, and risks.

Basic Policy

  1. We will establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and improve an information security management system to protect all information assets from threats (leaks, unauthorized access, falsification, loss/damage).

  2. Regarding the handling of information assets, we will comply with relevant laws and contractual requirements.

  3. To prevent disruption of business operation due to major disasters, we will formulate emergency restoration and review it regularly.

  4. We will regularly provide education and training of information security to all employees.

  5. We will periodically review information security management system to adapt to environmental changes.

  6. We will establish information security objectives and evaluate achievement.

Enactment date:13th Mar 2024
DSP Research, Inc.
CEO Nobuhiro Nakanishi