Business Agent Service

Business Agent Service for Acquisition of Approvals and Certifications

We provide agent services for acquisition of approvals and certificates regarding communications equipment.

  • Applicable equipment
    • Extremely Weak Power Equipment
    • Industrial Facilities Emitting Radio Wave
      (RF-ID, Power Carrying Cable Facility, etc.)
  • Certification

    We are providing certification services based on Telecommunications Business Law and Radio Law.

    Applicable equipment
    • All Types of Terminal Equipment
    • All Types of Specified Radio Equipment
  • Technical Regulations Conformity Test

    We provide conformity testing services for communications equipment based on Telecommunication Business Law and Radio Law.

    Applicable equipment
    • All Types of Terminal Equipment
    • All Kind of Specified Radio Equipment
    • SAR Testing
    • DFS Testing

Certification Service Based on Radio Law and Telecommunication Law

  • Test Radio Station / Radio Station License
    In addition to providing business agent service for the acquisition of a radio station license, we can provide support for construction scheme and other related procedure.
  • Industrial Facilities Emitting Radio waves
    Industrial facilities emitting radio waves include RF-ID,Power Carrying Cable Facilities, etc. 
    Industrial facilities emitting radio waves are subject to restriction as they may obstruct broadcasting or radiotelegraphy. Radio Law states individual permission is required for any person intending to install telegraphy, telephony or other telecommunications facilities which apply a radio frequency current of 10kHz or above to the wired system. Additionally, those using a radio frequency current of 10kHz or above such as industrial heating equipment, medical equipment and others, are also subject to inclusion under this requirement.
  • Extremely Weak Power Equipment
    When the level of the electric field intensity -the strength of the radio wave- within 3 meters of the radio equipment is under the level shown in the following figure, there is no need to get a license from the radio station. There is no additional restriction on the frequency or the purpose for the above.

    Regulation of the Extremely Low Power Radio Station



JATE is an independent organization tasked with providing technical standard compliance certifications for terminal equipment to be connected to telecommunication lines. JATE organization was established and approved on March 30, 1984 by the MIC—which was known as the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications at the time—and later became the independent organization that is known today. DSP Research has had a longstanding and symbiotic relationship with JATE throughout the years. This relationship has greatly helped facilitate the rapid growth of new technologies.